New Body Assecory ! ;) TOO Cute Riiiight ? ! Right ^_^.

New Body Assecory ! ;) TOO Cute Riiiight ? ! Right ^_^.


I Love Make-Up Sexxxxxx c(;

When It Comes To That One Special Guy, There’s A Lil Whore In Every Girl :P

-True Shiiiiit. All Ladies Can Relate To This.


Babe: I Hungry Babe Nomore Nothing For Eat Over There.
Me: Of Course Get Ya House Always Get Food ! Why You So Picky, What You Like It?
Babe: YOU !
Me: Sorry My Hours Are From 7 A.m - 9 P.m You Came To Late :P

Baby :)

So Me & The BF Have Been Arguing So Much Lately. & I Must Say Ugh Its Been Irrrrass” :P Haha So He Drove To My House, Parked At The Corner And Decided He Didnt Wanna Come In- He Wanted Us To Talk @ The Corner. May I Remind You, I Was Wearing A Pj Shorts, A Tank Top & My Pink Cheetah House Boots. Lmao. So Were Practically Yelling At Eachother Every Car Passing Is Staring. It Was So Embarrasing. So He Leaves Mad & I Walk Back Home MAD >”< Im Ignoring His Calls Then He Sends Me A Text And It Starts “Dear Babe…” lol And He Writes This Whole Cute Letter To Me ! Mannnn, I Hate When He Does That. Makes Me Wanna Just Punch Him (: Aha.

My Lady L&lt;3ve&#160;! Totally Unstoppable.

My Lady L<3ve ! Totally Unstoppable.

You Think You Cool, Girl&#160;! Im Cooler (;

You Think You Cool, Girl ! Im Cooler (;